This ePortfolio presents the Flash course projects I completed for my Master's in Education at the University of Missouri.

ISLT 7364 Flash Authoring, Summer 2007.

Drawing and Publishing

She Loves me Not - Simple exploration of drawing tools and layers. Tried to crate a visual composition using arrangement and color.

Animation Basics and Symbols

Winken, Blinken, and... Lincoln! - Created symbols, frame by frame animation. Studied layers further, Symbol naming conventions.

Shape and Motion Tweening Unit 3 - Working with motion and shape tween. Applied timeline transitions, which I haven't used before.
Filters, Blends, and Bitmaps Unit 4 - Melding and blending attributes of symbols using my parent's dog, Hershey, as the subject matter.
Buttons and Movie Clips Unit 5 - Explored rollover animations and movieClip symbols through a wintry theme.
Action Script Basics Unit 6 - Studied using buttons to create an interactive diagram that I can use in my teaching.
Text Unit 7 - Used text fields to input and display data. Learned about embedding fonts.
Sound and Video Unit 8 - I've worked often with sound in Flash, but I've had few experiences with digital video. This assignment afforded me experience and insights into issues surrounding this topic.
Interactive Animation Project Storyboard Preliminary Design - for final project. Layout for basic interaction and graphic design.
Interactive Animation Project Draft 1 Percentage Skills Tutor - the first draft of the course project project aimed at teaching how to understand and calculate percentages. This is meant to be a game, but needs a lot of work.
Interactive Animation Project Final Percentage Skills Tutor - the final course project project aimed at teaching how to understand and calculate percentages. This is designed be a prototype tutorial and game for Zayed University students who are struggling with cognitive transfer of lower level math skills. The game can easily incorporate new content, should be extend with new activities progressing toward more complex interactions and skills building.