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Contact Us continues to live up to our mission of making English language learning fun for all. We have several word games under development for use on-line and with VocabBuddy and will release these as soon as they are complete. Additionally, we have some third party games listed on our Choice Software page.

Play our Online games! - 12-9-2004

Please enjoy the beta release of our Online Game System, which currently features our first game, WordPool Beta 2.0.

The Online Game System will open in a new 800x600 window. Online Games High Scores:

WordPool Screen Shots:

Some games are large: WordPool is 24k in size, so be patient if you are on a slower connection.

You will need the latest Flash Plug-in - v7 - to play our games, if you don't have it, get it now.

If you encounter any problems with our games, please contact