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Links to EFL language and publication sites - Updated 25-3-2004
Links for Students

BBC World Service -Learning English
Practice your English with the BBC
A fun study site for students of English as a Second Language

Daily Buzzword
Subscribe for free to a Daily Buzzword with definition and example sentence.

10 Hints on Learning Vocabulary
Useful advice from the University of Manchester Language Centre

Vocabulary University
free vocabulary puzzles to enhance vocabulary mastery and supplement personal vocabulary acquisition

English Club
Help for students of English as a second/foreign language, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation

Offers free English grammar and vocabulary classes based on interesting topics like sports, Harry Potter, the stock market, music, and more. There are also ESL quizzes and English practice message boards.

English Specialist
a site for international students and teachers of English as a foreign language - English Language Learning Online
Resources for learning the English language for ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP students and teachers.

An Elementary English Grammar
An elementary English grammar book

English Daily
ESL resources for non-English speakers

Study English Abroad

Nellie's English Projects
Student projects for ESL/EFL learning and material on how to improve grammar, listening, reading, speaking, spelling, vocabulary and writing

Support Sites for EFL Teachers
The site that aims to give EFL/ESL teachers studying for Masters and Diplomas all the support they need.
Over 180 pages & 550 links.

Comprehensive site for teachers, provided by the British Council and the BBC

Teacher Planet
Lessons, Theme Units, Worksheets, Timely Resources and much, much more.

Linguistic Funland
resources for use in class, study programs for teachers and for ESL students, job opportunities, and projects created by students

your guide to the best ELT and ESL resources on the Internet

AAA EFL Resources for Teachers
links to a variety of web sites that will help you to teach English.

Articles, interviews and resources for EFL teachers

C. Gabrielatos: ELT, Applied Linguistics, Language Teacher Education/Development
Online articles, materials and links for English Language Teaching (ELT, TESOL) Applied Linguistics Language Teacher Education & Development

Free printable worksheets and books for EFL teachers

Worksheets designed to be navigated quickly and easily. Download them and then print and copy them for self-access or class use. Charges may apply.

TEFL courses by distance learning
Online Degree Programs from the Directory of Schools for college and university students seeking online degrees via Distance Education Programs in the USA or Canada.

Nellie's English Projects Resources for Teachers
Helpful resources and relevant  information on Educational Research. Contains articles on Content Based Learning,  Integrating Computer Technology into the Classroom, and EFL topics.
ESL storybooks for kids age 8 - 12.  Complete teachers guide and creative writing workbook.
Learning English with Laughter offers custom culturally sensitive curriculum, ESL Activities, teachers resources, free ESL Teachers newsletter and more...


English Teaching Professional
a practical, professional, authoritative, and accessible international magazine for teachers of english to speakers of other languages.

Modern English Teacher
a magazine for English Language Teaching professionals worldwide which has been established for over 30years.

The EL Gazette
international trade newspaper for the English language industry

Language Magazine
First published in 1997, Language Magazine (formerly American Language Review ) is a popular periodical of language, education and communication.

ESL Magazine
bi-monthly, color, print magazine for English language educators and other professionals. Practical, informative articles by recognized leaders in the field and information about the latest ESL/EFL products and services.

ELT Journal
Academic Journal for ELT Professionals

The English Teacher
focuses on English language teaching and learning in Asian countries. Addresses the specific concerns and experiences associated with teaching EFL as opposed to ESL, and learning English in developing countries compared to developed countries.


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