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VocabBuddy Updates & Support - 13-5-2004

Latest VocabBuddy Support News - in priority order:

VocabBuddy Upgrade Questions
- 13 May, 2004 -
When you want to upgrade from a full license from the 30 Day demonstration license, please read FAQ item #8 on the right side of this page.

VocabBuddy Version 1.0
- 23 April, 2004 -
Now available for download. Please visit our VocabBuddy Download page and install a copy. When you run the program for the first time, you will need an internet connection to register either a 30 day trial, or purchase the program.

EFLsoft Support FAQ

1. Why is VocabBuddy so big?
2. What is VocabBuddy's product activation?
3. Why isn't the product activation working?
4. How can I tell if I already have Text to Speech installed?
5. What happens when I export a topic?
6. Why do VocabBuddy's voices sound so... mechanical?
7. Why does VocabBuddy mispronounce some words?
8. How do I upgrade to a full license?

1. Why is VocabBuddy so big?
  The complete VocabBuddy Installer is over 11 megabytes in size! Buddy's girth is attributable to several factors:

A. Data access -Our development system must include all the system components necessary for data access to the word list databases that Buddy uses. These components comprise 3 megabytes of the installer.

B. Text to Speech - The largest VocabBuddy Installers contain the Speech components necessary for Buddy to speak your words and examples. The Speech components comprise over 5 megabytes of the installer.
  To make the download process more manageable, we have supplied split downloads and installers without the Speech components.

2. What is VocabBuddy's product activation?
  VocabBuddy uses a product activation feature from e-Business service provider eSellerate. This feature is completely integrated into VocabBuddy, and allows users to purchase, register and receive automatic updates directly without quitting the program.

  The first time a user runs VocabBuddy, product activation is automatically invoked. The eSellerate system uses a secure server, which encrypts all of the customer's personal information including name, address and credit card number. Encryption ensures that no one can access or use personal information in an unauthorized manner.

More information at
   Privacy Policy
   Product Activation Privacy Policy

3. Why isn't the product activation working?
  You must be connected to the internet to register and activate VocabBuddy. Even if you are connected when you run VocabBuddy, this feature may still fail. If it does, the problem usually falls into one of two categories:
1. The user is behind a proxy server configuration.
Although the registration system works successfully with most proxy servers, there have been some situations where network conditions prevented the engine from realizing that it had to display the proxy information prompt.

2. Use of the "Norton Internet Security" personal firewall program.
This program has a known incompatibility with the registration process, as it sometimes corrupts the information sent between the process and the registration servers. Temporarily disabling the firewall will almost always resolve the problem.
  Note that VocabBuddy's product activation runs the first time you install on a new machine, or you have upgraded your hardware to such an extent that VocabBuddy no longer recognizes it is on the same machine.

4. How can I tell if I already have Text to Speech installed?
  Most Windows XP versions already have "Text to Speech" installed. Verify "Text to Speech" is installed by finding the "Speech" control panel in the Control Panels folder in the Start Menu - Settings menu choice.

5. What happens when I export a topic?
  The export process allows you to save a topic, or any number of topics, and their words into a separate folder. If there are any images attached to words in the topics you export, they will be copied into a folder named "img" in the same folder in which you saved the export. For this reason, if you want to share your exported topics, you will need to copy or move the entire export folder to the machine you are sharing with. And, because the export file and images may use a lot of disk space, it is best if they are compressed with a zip utility before you transmit them to the person you want to share them with.

6. Why do VocabBuddy's voices sound so... mechanical?
  How VocabBuddy enunciates is entirely based on the Microsoft Text to Speech voices you have installed on your system. By default, the voices that come with VocabBuddy, and those already installed in Windows XP, do not sound natural. While they may be good enough for a non English speaker to get an idea of how to pronounce most words, they are not the best quality voices available. You may find other voices to install on your system, and one of the entries on our Choice Software page, TextAloud MP3, provides an excellent set of very natural sounding English voices.
  High Quality voices are large in file size, and to keep the VocabBuddy installer to reasonable download times, we have not included them with VocabBuddy at this time. We are investigating options for schools and high volume customers to provide quality text to speech at a low cost. Please contact with your questions in this regard.

7. Why does VocabBuddy mispronounce some words?
  Again, because of the low quality of Microsoft Text to Speech voices you have installed on your system. There is a "Speak As..." button that appears on the Detail tab of the Vocabulary Notebook window when you edit a word. This feature allows you to fine tune how VocabBuddy articulates a given entry in the word list. By clicking on Speak As... you may try altering the spelling of a word to force the text to speech system to pronounce the word properly. For example, "Mach 3" as in "3 times the speed of sound" will need to be spelled "Mock 3." This altered spelling is not seen otherwise, and is only used wherever the word is spoken in the Word List or Hotlist, and all games. As a teacher, you may want perfom this procedure for your students.

8. How do I upgrade to a full license?
  If you obtained and activated a 30 Day Demonstration License of VocabBuddy, you may upgrade to a Full License before the 30 day demonstration period expires.

To upgrade, open the VocabBuddy options window and click on the Upgrade Now... button. See a screen shot of this window on our VocabBuddy Upgrade Guide page.